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  • Currently our inpatient program is operating at 97% capacity over the last 6-months. When the program is full, which is essentially 100% of the time, we have to admit adults out of county. This places a strain on them and their families and supports
  • We have very little in terms of alternative options for hospitalization for adults. We have one local crisis residential program, Telos, but it is limited to 10-beds, and is also full 100% of the time. The programming there is limited in terms of who they can provide support to, and the space is also limited in terms of programming that can be offered on site.
  • Current plans include additional programming in the new proposed programming, including on-site health care, wellness and peer services, individual and group services, and in the future, a partial hospital or intensive outpatient program.
  • The County is submitting an application for funding which is due no later than March 31 to support construction of the new proposed program


  • Santa Cruz County has no inpatient capacity for children, any child needing inpatient care has to be admitted out of County, sometimes as far as San Diego
  • Santa Cruz County also has no alternatives for children to inpatient care, and for children in crisis the options are currently limited to inpatient care or discharge to home
  • The new proposed program will offer an alternative for children to inpatient care, with intensive short-term services to support the child and allow them to safely return home and continue to benefit from ongoing services in the community
  • In addition, we are proposing to move the 4-chair Crisis Stabilization Program for children from its current location at 2250 Soquel, where it is co-located with the adult program, to a new site that would be dedicated for children only, and have much more space and capacity to serve more children- up to 8.
  • In addition, the new proposed Children’s CSP will have treatment space, family meeting space, and on-site healthcare services.
  • The County was recently awarded $7.6M from the California Health Facilities Finance Authority for construction of the new program, which is approximately 40% of what is needed to complete the project.
  • The County is submitting an application for additional funding this spring

Both programs will emphasize a warm and welcoming environment for all. They will support a strong emphasis on wellness and nutrition as well.


  • If we are successful in our grant submissions for construction, we need to demonstrate the ability to support the capital and operations costs for both proposed programs.
  • We have additional MHSA funding that has been allocated to the County and we are proposing to set aside up to $2.5M for the Adult Crisis Program, and $5M for the Children’s Crisis Residential Program to support capital and operations for the first 2-years