The County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency exists to enhance, protect and improve the health of the people in Santa Cruz County, California. To accomplish this, we provide a wide variety of health-related services in the areas of public health, environmental health, behavioral health and health center services.

The Health Services Agency serves as a community safety net by providing a broad spectrum of services that address and promote health and equity in our community. These essential services protect, improve, and meet the basic needs of health care for low-income and uninsured residents who have no other sources of care.


To promote and ensure a healthy community and environment by providing education, outreach and comprehensive health services in an inclusive and accessible manner.


Santa Cruz County is a healthy, safe and thriving community for all.

The Health Services Agency is organized into four divisions:


We commit to honesty, accountability, and transparency in all our interactions with the public and our workforce.
Through informed practice, encouragement of innovation and continuous process improvement, we are dedicated to service excellence in all aspects of our work.
We interact with others with dignity and humility, believing that all persons have the wisdom and gifts to be recognized.
Our work will be informed by and responsive to the diverse realities, views, and needs of communities such that everyone has the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.
We believe that improving health well-being is a shared responsibility and collaboration across HSA divisions and diverse sectors in the community will leverage the resources we need to make a lasting impact.
We build capacity and address social determinants of health by engaging the community in the treatment and health promotion process to promote a culture of safety, empowerment, and healing.
We foster joy and enthusiasm in our workplace and the community.
HSA 2025 Strategic Plan Cover Image


The purpose of the HSA 2025 Strategic Plan is to establish a roadmap for the future of the organization, which includes the agency's Vision, Mission, Values, Focus Areas, and Goals. This plan will be supported by an agency-wide Operational Plan, which lays out the Strategies, Objectives, and Key Steps for achieving each Goal. The Operational Plan will be revisited every two years, in alignment with the County of Santa Cruz Operational Plan, to make ongoing adjustments based on progress, changing environmental conditions, funding, regulations, and other internal or external forces.

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HSA 2025 Strategic Plan Cover Image


The Health Services Agency’s (HSA) budget makes important investments in ensuring a healthy community and environment by implementing strategies to support the local rollout of CalAIM (California's transformation of the Medi-Cal system).  These strategies increase the number of local beds available to serve children and adults in crisis, elevate readiness to respond to future health emergencies, and improve collaboration on environmental, public, and clinical health issues for our community’s most vulnerable residents.  

The budget also includes scheduled and negotiated salary and benefit increases. 

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